Volume : 1

by Buckaroux Banshees

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    releases April 16, 2013

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Intro 01:01
Thank you for coming Please take your seats I know that there's a lot of you Thirty thousand to be exact No more shows in basements, bars or birthday parties Only packed arena's filled with losers , sluts , ass kissers and deadbeats Give your money to me life's a kick in the teeth Let all your dreams die while I kick in your teeth While you beg on your knees I will show you no mercy Your time is up Your soul is mine We hope you have a great...
Soon I'll have all the time in the world to do what I want In the near future I will decide to take the road less traveled I will feel accomplished in every action in all I do In all that I am My pen will not run out of ink before I write my masterpiece Sitting in the office unable to seize opportunity It's staring me smack dab in the fucking face I need to get out I must get away from all of this shit I might never come back If I don't get out soon I'll never be the same Here's to better days Soon we'll share all the laughs in the world from the funniest situations Your eyes will glow the brightest and my lips will smile The sun will warm our skin as birds above loudly sing And our conversations will fall like waves and it will rise and reclaim It's a beautiful day to put flowers on a grave
Gypsy Soul 01:50
I've got this gypsy heart It won't stop bleeding I've got these gypsy legs they can't stop moving I've got this sailors' mouth and I won't stop screaming so lets scream and stomp to the bleed Let me take your picture by the field and the stream I like to wander I wanna show you these great things on my guitar And make you laugh and smile Soon I'll be home not right now not today I've got a secret hideaway and it's warm and safe Down by the tracks it's not too far away from nowhere I ride the trains for free Sometimes all day if I want to The rails and wheels put me to sleep until the summer sun wakes me So come on down Let's ride this bitch all day Police are gonna take my picture After they cuff me I'll take a ride in their car Locked in the station there's no strings for me to strum on Down by the tracks is where those damn pigs came and found me I should have listened to their pleas for me to go back home But I hope you know that nothing can cage my gypsy soul No nothing can cage my gypsy soul
Tiny soldiers standing in a row They don't move They don't speak Their guns won't save them The homeless All three classes The children Politicians Businessmen and Business women They line the streets in shock and surprise with gaping holes in faces They cannot speak My shadow is over you now I am a monster stealing the sun from your sky And making fire rain With wings outspread I soar through the night I am a monster stealing the sun from your sky and making fire rain And the stars above are no longer yours they're mine They are mine
The cities are smashed to bits The humans weapons are useless They tried throwing dollars at the monster to make it go away But every fortress that they built he tore the walls down and chased them out And the humans could not outrun the monsters teeth They system failed and the kids were happy The system failed and life ended Their structure crumbled and the kids were happy The earth was turned to dust Love did not survive Hope withered and died Charity and generosity deceased when we found out that all your ethics were lies You sized me up before you knew me The institutions wrote their grades The institutions wrote their grades Society put a black dot on me They criticized my mistake
Interludium 01:26
When I grow up I wanna be an Ipod Are you afraid I've always been The noises of night time are a constant threat I'm just a child In a world full of children So tuck me in tightly and leave me a light on Have you ever been afraid Do you lie awake Have you ever been afraid Or just plain lie There is no one coming home There is no one coming home tonight Have you ever been afraid
You have been summoned to appear I'll wear my suit and shave my beard Are you prepared to state your reasons Hurry up I'm missing happy hour Has the jury reached an agreement Yes we have your honor We find the defendant Guilty This wasn't the way I would have pictured the next twenty years of my existence No wife no family no house no holiday's just visits from faces that I once knew Nothing but time I've got plans for escape Put the key in the lock and turn I've been shaping it for days I'm sursprised it works Hurry down the hallway now I'm to the exit That guard that I passed is gonna need medical attention Failure is not an option I'm to the fences That climb to freedom was far too easy I'm starting over fresh with a brand new name and a brand new face in a brand new place I'm never going back I've left no trace just a name Call me Chad Medellin
Buzzbombs 03:05
Lady H can be quite a bitch Coming down from the sky with quite an itch The sweats the cold the hot the shakes Sometimes so bad my heart it aches Dolly's for my Jollies Mud gives me Crud Makes me dead in my bed My head is such a mess inside my demons are laughing at me I'll take a trip to the balloon factory Red rock all of the time Doctor I'm going Doctor I'm out of my mind In a few minutes you'll be just fine You'll be just fine Out the door can't feel no more Tie up Bang in Let it begin I feel them crawling They are all over my skin My eyelids are heavy Is this the end Dolly's for my Jollies Mud gives me crud Buzzbomb Buzzbomb makes me dead My head is such a mess in side my demons are laughing at me I'll take a trip to the balloon factory Getting kind of fuzzy from all this goddam fizzy Soon the feeling's gone Time to go back to the tootsie roll store but they won't let me in Let me in
Bugs 02:33
Slow it down Just slow it down Count the days out loud The minutes are ticking away now Do you really want it to be different If it was would you even note the difference Look where you are now and take a mental picture in your brain I know you're gonna miss this There is no going back it's too late Count your stars and hope you'll reach the finish Turn it around Spin in a circle til you fall down There were never any directions that came with your gold crown Don't worry about a thing now Let the words spill out and hold the vomit down Breathe and walk Smile through the rain clouds We're all just bugs trying to find a way to take the edge off Do you comprehend or did you overlook the cost Do you understand or are you lost Slow it down Just slow it down Count the days out loud The minutes are ticking away
Gregg was born in nineteen eighty six Disco was forever dead but he wouldn't hear any of it One christmas he pulled out from underneath the tree a secret so dark he kept it for years from you and from me It was a brand new pair of white vinyl roller skates with jelly wheels and bright green pom poms bouncing freely at his heels He knew exactly what he was supposed to do His skates were size nineteen Big enough for Gregg and his disco dream Watch him roll Look at him go He moves like a dump truck sick from sliders and tacos Gregg now skates from town to town in pursuit of winning the disco crown Hawaiian shirts and daisy dukes are what he wears to knock girls boots He never stops to second guess cause disco rhythm is the best He will conquer one and all In Gregg's eye's disco will never fall It was a brand new pair of white vinyl roller skates with jelly wheels and bright green pom poms bouncing freely at his heels Go Gregg Go Skating so fast my god those short's are so small Roll Gregg Roll You could have been a disco quig but you should have shaved your legs Spin Gregg Spin Cruising around Oh no not another wardrobe malfunction Win Gregg Win Your heart is pure but that chick you were with last night wasn't Surprise


Buckaroux Banshees (Debut Album) - Volume : 1
*10 Bone Shaking Tracks


releases April 16, 2013



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Buckaroux Banshees Minnesota

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